Hyperstar Images

In July 2009 I purchased a used Celestron Nexstar 11 GPS and a Starizona Hyperstar III. I was intrigued by the advantages of imaging at F2 and after reading posts by a number of users and seeing a link on the Starizona site to a user who had imaged an all 110 Messier objects during a Messier marathon I was convinced. Imaging is so much faster with this system that you can actually image many objects in Alt-Az mode. Mount inaccuracies are minimized and occasional frames ruined by clouds, etc aren't as big a deal when you are shooting 30-90 second subframes rather than 10 minute subs. Also my imaging is usually done from my observatory and the equipent I usually use is not portable. When imaging with the Nexstar fork mount I can actually take astrophotos at our monthly club star parties or other remote locations if I choose to.

M8 & M20 C11 Hyperstar

M33 widefield C11 Hyperstar

M33 crop C11 Hyperstar

IC5070 Pelican Nebula C11 Hyperstar

NGC6334 Cats Paw Nebula C11 Hyperstar

NGC1499 California Nebula C11 Hyperstar

M42/Orion Nebula C11 Hyperstar

M45/Pleaides C11 Hyperstar

M31 C11 Hyperstar

M16/Eagle Nebula C11 Hyperstar

Rosette/NGC2237 C11 Hyperstar

M97(Owl Nebula) & M108 C11 Hyperstar

M63 Sunflower Galaxy C11 Hyperstar

M95/M96/M105 etc C11 Hyperstar

Virgo Cluster C11 Hyperstar

M88 wide field C11 Hyperstar

IC5070 HAlpha

IC5070 LRGB w/HAlpha Lum


Veil Complex Mosaic

IC1396 Elephant Trunk

IC1396 Elephant Trunk Crop

IC1396 Elephant Trunk Tight Crop

Portion of IC1805 (Heart Neb)

Portion of IC1805 (Heart Neb) Crop

Portion of IC1805 (Heart Neb) Tight Crop

M33 widefield C11 Hyperstar

M33 crop C11 Hyperstar

NGC4565 Widefield C11 Hyperstar

NGC4565 Crop C11 Hyperstar